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Superchips from Truckchip 2000

Superchips engine management solutions offer decreased fuel consumption, greater torque and more power. Further resultant benefits are less wear on the clutch and gearbox plus, more importantly, a much happier driver!

We have been uprating the power and re-chipping trucks since early in 1999. The process has evolved considerably since then and we have learned a lot about the unit injector and EDC systems fitted to Volvo trucks. Initially there was some fear and reservation from our customers, due to bad publicity, about the re-chipping process. Now, a few years on, many truck operators have owned a truck, or know someone with a truck, that has been modified by ourselves (or one of our dealers around the globe) and have realised that there can be substantial benefits from having your truck's power matched to the job. We have achieved gains of up to 80 bhp and 2mpg plus considerable improvement in torque.

Evidence of the real world benefits are the many testimonials we have received from (some quite cynical prior to chipping) happy customers. Here are some excerpts...."Following the increase in engine power from 340bhp to 380bhp on the above vehicle (FH12 340) by yourselves, we are pleased to confirm fuel savings between 1.2 and 1.6mpg. These savings are much greater than we had anticipated." and "Before modification - 6.35mpg, After Modification - 7.71mpg. The driver reports that there is a noticeable increase in the power of the vehicle".

We are moving forward all the time and usually have in excess of one hundred second hand and reworked ECU's and EDC units in stock. For those who are unsure of the benefits but would like to try a re-chip, there is a free trial available with a no questions money back guarantee.

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